About the machine learning which powers Community Notes, and some implications for dispute resolution

Bruce Greig
September 27, 2023

Can the machine learning which X / Twitter use to find and highlight helpful Community Notes also help you find a resolution to your dispute?

It looks like the same principles which allow X/Twitter to find very helpful Community Notes can help you find a solution to your dispute.

(At around 3:45 I say "tweets" when I mean "notes")


Further reading:

The original Birdwatch paper from the team at Twitter who built this system:

Vitalik Buterin offering a slightly more user-friendly explanation:

Transcript of my conversation with Bard AI after I’d read both those papers but still didn’t understand it:

An excellent explanation of the underlying machine learning system as used by Netflix, with a little spreadsheet so you can follow along. This is what got me over the line in terms of understanding what was going on: