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Here are some things which others have said about me:

You went beyond any other mediator I have come across in 11 years to enable the parties to reach a resolution of what proved to be a very contentious and awkward case.”
Litigation solicitor, contract dispute

Bruce, we were very impressed with your work on this mediation. We often have similar cases where your approach and experience would be very effective so we certainly hope to use you again on future cases.”
Litigation solicitor, M&A dispute

Throughout the course of this matter, we have struggled to communicate effectively with the other side. It seemed that you were able to break down important aspects of the case, so that the parties were able to re-evaluate their positions, in a way that they had been unable to do before - this was extremely beneficial.”
Litigation solicitor, construction dispute

Bruce was great, very professional, knowledgeable, made us all feel at ease and helped both parties come to an agreement by seeing the other person's point of view.  Highly recommend.”
Business owner, construction dispute

I thought you were very helpful and looked to find any avenue to resolve. I would recommend you to anyone in search of mediation.”
Litigant in person, Partnership dispute

You command respect and provide a reassuring presence, which isn't true of all mediators that I have used.”
Barrister representing a party in a partnership dispute

If you are involved in a dispute, personally or as a business, then mediation is a great route to breaking through deadlock. Bruce is uniquely skilled to help you. He has a very level head, exceptional attention to detail and is highly creative in finding win:win solutions.”
Company CEO

Bruce helped us enormously during a very stressful time. His presence in the room while the lawyers picked over our case was very reassuring. He managed to explain some complicated statistical points in a way everyone could understand, he had total command of the detail and helped everyone stay focussed on the important issues.”
Party to a clinical negligence / personal injury claim

Mr Greig grasped the issue that required mediation very well, he listened, had empathy for the situation and solved the matter to both parties' satisfaction and put an end to a long and exhausting process and stopped the matter being taken to the courts.”
Litigant-in-person, wrongful conversion claim

“Bruce helped us reach a settlement with the local authority regarding tens of thousands of pounds which we felt was owed to the school under the local funding policy. The council had forcefully insisted that the money was not due to the school. But Bruce skilfully guided us to a fair settlement, securing additional funding for the school, avoiding redundancies, and providing clarity for the local authority going forward.”
Chair of Governors, education funding dispute

Your composed, pragmatic manner lent itself well to keeping things focused on achieving a resolution. We would certainly not hesitate to contact you for your services in future.”
Litigation solicitor

I think that the day went very well, you were professional, on time and responded quickly to my initial enquiry.”
Employee in discrimination claim

Bruce helped us resolve a very contentious employment issue, keeping us away from the employment tribunal and resolving the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. The employee had been under a lot of stress and one wrong move from us could have pushed her to go off sick for stress, which would have dragged the situation on for months and cost us a lot of money. Bruce's calm and firm approach brought about a swift resolution which allowed everyone to move on.”
Public Sector Employer

I just wanted to say thank you. It appears that both parties are happy ... and they were very complimentary about you. I’m very pleased with the result.”
Environmental Protection Officer

We have mentally rebooted our relationship with [the other party] and very much look forward to seeing how things develop in the forthcoming months. Your help was invaluable and much appreciated.”
Landowner in noise / boundary dispute

We are extremely grateful for all your expertise and persistence to bring this most troublesome of issues to an agreed conclusion.”
Party to a discrimination claim

Bruce dealt with a situation where effective communication between the parties was impossible - they were ex partners with a gulf between their expectation as to what was a fair outcome. After half an hour, continuing seemed pointless as agreement seemed impossible. After four hours Bruce had facilitated an agreed settlement. He worked hard for it! He uses clear, simple but non patronising language which puts people at ease. And I’d recommend him without hesitation.
Litigant-in-person, ownership dispute


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